RNDr. Elena Dolanská


The trademark is any designation that can be presented graphically and consists mainly of words, including personal names, letters, numerals and ciphers, drawings, shape of the product or its wrapping, or their combinations able to distinguish products or services of one person from the goods or services of another person, registered in the register of trademarks.

The protecting period of a trademark is 10 years from the date of submitting the application to the office. Registration of a trademark may be renewed always by further 10 years.

The owner of the trademark has a sole right to designate his/her goods or services by the trademark for which it is registered in the register or to use it in connection with these products or services. The owner of the trademark is entitled to use, along with the trademark, also symbol ®.

Without consent of the owner of the trademark, nobody on the territory of the Slovak Republic may use an identical or interchangeable designation for the same or similar product or service for which the trademark is registered in the register. Similarly, he/she must not use this designation together with these products or services, especially place it on wrappings, offer or introduce goods or wrappings designated in such a way on the market or store them for this purpose, import or export goods or wrappings with this designation or to use this designation in commerce, correspondence or advertising.

Failing to use a trademark in connection with goods or trademarks for which it was registered may be the reason for deleting it from the register of trademarks.

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