RNDr. Elena Dolanská


Patents are issued for inventions, in particular from the area of technology that are new, resulting from inventors’ activities, and industrially exploitable.

Inventions are not discoveries, scientific theories, mathematical methods, esthetical works, plans, rules and ways of conducting intellectual activities, games or business activities, or provision of information. Similarly, computer software cannot be registered as inventions.

Excluded from the eligibility for patenting are plant cultivars and animal races and biological ways of their creation, further surgical or therapeutic procedures applicable to people or animals, and diagnostic methods and methods of disease prevention, further solutions related to various stages of inception and development of the human body and solution whose exploitation might be in contradiction to the public order or good morals.

The owner of the patent has a sole right to exploit the invention, to grant consent on its exploitation to other persons, transfer the patent to another person or establish a lien on it.

The patent is valid for 20 years from the day of submitting the application of invention. For maintaining the validity of the patent, yearly maintenance fee is paid.

Additional awarding of the so-called Supplementary Protection Certificates for Medicinal Products and Plant Protection Product prolongs the legal validity of the patent issued for a medicinal product or for a plant protection product by 5 years at the utmost.

Patentová listiva